Monday, June 26, 2006

Weather is a scary thing

It's nasty out there. There's been a huge cloud just hanging over the DC area for the past couple of days wreaking havoc on the area. Fortunately I haven't really been affected. I still have power. My commute to work this morning was normal. I didn't forget my umbrella today.

However, the rain did cause me to miss Masters Swimming tonight. The parkway which we take to the pool was flooded, and the only other route would take us about an hour to get there. So we decided to stay inside and stay dry. Good thing too, because ten minutes after eight the thunder and lightning started which means Masters Swimming was canceled anyways. For some reason, even though it is an indoor pool, they shut it down at the hint of thunder. Can anyone shed light on this? Are indoor pools really at risk during thunderstorms? I'm curious.

Luckily after my 3.1 mile run during lunch today I still felt a lot of energy to burn (does this mean my training has been working?). I wanted to keep running but the gym was busy and I got bumped off the treadmills. So I hopped on the bike and rode for an additional 20 minutes. My legs really wanted to go longer, but alas I had to get back to work. Since I missed swimming tonight, I HAVE to swim on Wednesday, despite the exam studying cram that is sure to ensue that evening. Sidenote: I will be so relieved,happy,ready when my summer classes are over. Sigh.

Goal schedule for week:
Monday-run (Done. Ran 3.1 miles, biked an additional 20 minutes)
Tuesday- strength, bike 30 minutes or as time allows (Tuesdays and Thursdays are really busy days because of class)
Wednesday - run 3 miles, swim 1000 yards
Thursday - bike 30 minutes, strength if time allows (see Tuesday)
Friday - Rest (on the road to out of town wedding)
Saturday - Swim or Run or bike depending on hotel ammenities
Sunday - Rest

Additional goals for week:
Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. Don't put off studying until the last minute. Get enough sleep.


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