Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back at 'em

Thanks for all the kind supportive comments regarding my last post. I am continuously amazed at this blogging community. It turns out that a few days rest was just what I needed. I slowed down this week. My workouts, however, thanked me for this little repose. I have had the best two runs this week in a long time. Yesterday I went for a four mile jaunt around Northwest DC. The combination of the beautiful, almost fall-like, weather and the rested muscles made for an awesome run. I was still going strong by the time I rounded the corner onto my street. Training for the tri has been great, but I miss running. It's just so easy to throw on a pair or running shoes and head out the door. No need to worry about swim caps, goggles, dehairing (yup, I said it), towel, etc etc...or helmet, air in tires, yada yada. Also, there's no other exercise where I can turn all the daily frustrations into power and strength. When I'm biking and swimming, I'm too worried about my form or my vehicle, etc. I really enjoy swimming and biking, but I guess I'm just a runner (albeit a slow one) at heart.

Anyways...many things to look forward to this week. Discounted dinner with my baby at a fancy restaurant for DC's restaurant week (yippee!), oh and vacation! If anyone has a recommendation for must sees in San Francisco, please send them my way. I also need some tips on restaurants to try while I'm there.

Race Day: 14 days.
Feeling: Ready.


Blogger Rachel said...

I know what you mean about the running. It takes the least inertia to start, and it's the most relaxing.

I love San. Fran.! You should look up local running groups while you're there. It's always a fun way to see things you normally wouldn't. I've been to a few restaurants by the ferry building near the Bay Bridge, which have been excellent. I think one was called the Boulevard. Check out the tourist websites too for San Fran. There's so much to do. I also love the big windmill and buffalo herd in Golden Gate Park. And of course, the shopping's excellent too.

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