Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weddings, workouts, bears, Oh My!

Weekend Report: I spent the weekend in Danville, Va for a college friend's wedding. I headed down early Friday morning with another friend and our respective SO's. The wedding itself was really nice. I was a reader in the wedding so I was able to pretty much enjoy the weekend with no major responsibilities. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and once again I was disappointed by the lack of a decent sized swimming pool. So I decided to bike instead since I was without decent running shoes after leaving them behind in class after my exam on Thursday (can you tell the exam took up a lot of my brain power?). However, the Comfort Inn in Danville, Va doesn't have a gym on premises!!! Oh, but they do offer complimentary passes to a gym down the street. So I went down to the front desk, asked for my free pass, and then drove to the gym where I worked out on the bike and did some weights. Now that's motivation. Peter said I was probably the only person in two weeks to request the gym pass. I think there may be some truth to that.

The ride home on Sunday was eventful. I somehow got off of Route 29 and ended up 15 miles off course. On the way back to 29 we saw a black bear on the road! It immediately ran into the woods but we got a pretty good view. Amazing!

Monday: Beth and I went to Masters Swimming. We did the stroke clinic again this week. It was great. Every time I go I learn something else. This week I learned that the way I had been taught to enter my hands in the water was wrong. Ho-hum.

Tuesday: I woke up somewhat early (9 am) hoping to get in a short brick workout before the events of the day began. I had a great 10 mile bike ride down Rock Creek Park. There were a lot of people out walking, jogging, and biking. It was a beautiful day, albeit a hot one. As soon as I got back home and put the bike up I headed out for a 10 minute run. When my feet hit the pavement my legs started screaming at me! Now I know why they call it a "brick". My knees were really aching. However, after a minute the pain subsided and my legs felt normal running again. When I got back, red in the face and sweating, I felt so good! It was a lot of fun! I told that to Peter and he just thought I was crazy.

53 days until race day!!!


Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for the great post on my blog! Glad to hear the cartoon was so inspiring! I like to change up the cartoons on my sidebars every now and then, but sometimes, I like one so much, I keep it up for longer. I'm glad I did.

Sounds like your training is going swimmingly (pun intended). Your first tri will be awesome. When is it? What's the distance?

12:10 PM  

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